HOUSE OF FRIENDS – Casamigos Blanco,& Desmadres Reposado Tequila Fresh Pressed Pineapple Juice, Topped With Piment D’Espelette

BLACK MARTINI – Basil Hayden Bourbon, Drambie, Cynar, J. WalkerBlack Label

SKINNY GINGER – Tito Vodka, Green Apple, Ginger, Cucumber, Lime

AVOCADO-MANGO MARTINI – Bacardi Mango Rum, Absolut Mango Vodka, Avocado, Basil, Lime

HELLO PISCO – Pisco , Martini Bianco, Fresh pure of Mandarin, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Egg White

BLACKBERRY SMASH – Four RosesBourbon, Blackberries, Mint Lemon

GIMLET GREEN – Gin, Ancho Reyes Verde, Cucumber syrup Lemon & Corn Juice


BUMBLE BEE – Drambuie, Pineapple & Lemon Juice, Bitter

BOND STREET – St.Germain, Blackberry, Mint

LOVE POTION 25 – Four Roses Bourbon, ST.Germain,  Benedictine


SAINT PROSECCO –  St.Germain, Lime, Club soda

KIR ROYAL – ProseccoCrème de Cassis

BELLINI –  Homemade peach nectar and champagne


From Lightest to Darkest

Buckler Low Alcohol,score 61                         7                                                                    Netherlands. Bright  golden color. Medium bodied with a nice hopi  bite, dry finish.12 oz,0.5% ABV

Birra Moretti,score 68                                         8                                                                  Italy. European Pale Lager with mild hop flavor and sweet notes from all-malt base.11.2 oz ,4.6% ABV

Amstel light,score 58                                 8                                                                    Netherlands A light, refreshing lager that makes for easy drinking.12 oz, 3.5% ABV

Czechvar  Lager,score 77                                    8                                                                Czech Republic. This classic Bohemian pilsner is well balanced with a medium bitter flavor .11.5 oz, 5% ABV

Sunny Daze Pale Ale, score 89                       9                                                                      Paso Robles, Ca. The perfect refreshing ale. Crafted this delicious blonde with Clementine oranges and fresh local oranges. Blossom honey.12 oz, 5.2% ABV

Modern Times Fortunate Islands,score 92       10                                                              San Diego, Ca. This American Pale Wheat Ale is uber-hoppy and an easy drinking wheat beer with a mildly malt backbone.16 oz, 4.8% ABV

Weihenstephaner,Hefe Weissbier,score 98       8                                                              German, golden-yellow wheat beer with its fine-poured white foam .11.2 oz, 5.4% ABV

Tipopils, Birrificio Italiano, score 95              12                                                                  Italy. A classic in craft beer of paramount balance and elegance, an embrace of hops and malt. A beer of great character in its apparent simplicity, its drinkability a low alcohol content often make it impossible to avoid having ‘one more’ 12 oz, 5.2% ABV

Alpine Duet  IPA ,score 99                       10                                                                           San Diego, Ca. This is a fantastic IPA. Showcasing extremely complex fruity hops character and a restrained bitterness that helps keep it drinkable and more enjoyable with each sip.12 oz, 7.% ABV

Modern Time Blazing World,score 92               10                                                               San Diego, Ca. Amber Ale with an intensely fruity , yet aggressively complex and robust hop16 oz, 6.8% ABV

Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0,score 95        11                                                             Escondido, Ca. Dry hop IPA with piney, citrusy, and tropical essence that lasts until the very last drop.12 oz, 8.5% ABV

Chimay Grand Reserve ( Blue) ,score 96         14                                                             Belgium Strong Dark Ale with fresh yeast and flowery notes, and a touch of roasted malt.11.2 oz,9.0% ABV

Trappistes Rochefort  10,score 100                 18                                                                 Belgium .A well – balanced Quadrupel with strong plum, raisin, and black currant and ascending notes of caramel making for an incredible pour.11.2 oz, 11.3% ABV

Guinnes Extra Stout,score 84                            8                                                                Canada. Irish style dry stout with a smooth upfront rich, creamy malt with dry, gradual fade to bitter notes12 oz, 6.0% ABV

 AleSmith,SpeedwayStout,score 97                  29                                                                San Diego, Ca. Pitch – black Imperial Stout with chocolate and roasted malts supported by notes of dark fruit, toffee, and caramel. 25.4 oz, 12.0% AB


BERNARD GAUCHER,  BRUT RESERVE,  France                          110


 PAROLVINI, Veneto                               48


ARNEIS,ESTATE IL FALCHETTO, Langhe, Piemonte    ’16                  39

GAVI,CASA ERNESTO,   Piemonte ’17                                     48

GRILLO, FEUDO MONTON, Vigna Della Timpa, Sicilia  ’17                    56                         

SAUVIGNON BLANC, JUSTIN,  Paso Robles’17                     42             

LUGANA, PRATELLO,   Lombardia ’16                                  48                  

CHARDONNAY, BLACK STALLION,  Napa Estate’17               64

PINOT GRIGIO, ARMELI, Venezie ’17                             42

MUSCAT CANNELLI, CHASEWATER, Bartolucci Vineyard,Lake County,Californi15        42

SAUVIGNON BLANC, CAREMANI, Santa Barbara’16        65

ROSE’ of PINOT NOIR, COSA OBRA, Sonoma’17                         42           


 Over 50 

BARBARESCO, ADRIANO,  Marco Vittorio, Piemonte’14                       48                          

MERLOT, PASO OAKS. Paso Robles’17                              39      

VALPOLICELLA , BORGOMARCELLESE,  Marion,Veneto’15                          39

SAGRANTINO di MONTEFALCO, TABARRINI, Colle Grimaldesco,Umbria’11 39                                 

MALBEC, TOMERO, Mendoza’17                     42      

BARBERA,  RIVA LEONE,   Piemonte’15                       46                   

SANGIOVESE, FICO GRANDE, Poderi dal NESPOLI .E. Romagna’17                       42                   

CABERNET SAUVIGNON, ESTATE  L.A CETTO,  Valle de GuadalupeBaja California, Mexico’16    42

RISERVA MONTEPULCIANO, TOR del COLLE, Abruzzo ’15                   42                      

GATTINARA ‘NEBBIOLO’, TERRE VULCANICHE,IL CHIOSSO , Piemonte11 46                          

ZINFANDEL , CHACEWATER, Sierra Foothill’ 15                          48

SYRAH , CHACEWATER,  Sierra Foothill’ 14                    48

Over 50 

BARBARESCO, MERUZZANO  Orlando Abrigo, Piemonte15                       65          

SMOKE & MIRRORS, JEFF COHN,   California 15        52                                                (Zinfandel,Petite Sirah, Grenache, Alicante )

BARBERA D’ASTI, IL FALCHETTO, Pian  Scorrone, Piemonte16                 52            

AMARONE , PAVERNO VAONA, Veneto ’13                            68           

CHIANTI  RISERVA, ARMELI  Toscana’15                                          52                                   

PINOT NOIR, KAREN ISABELLA, DUTTON ESTATE, Russian River, Sonoma ’16         64

CABERNET SAUVIGNON,  HOUSLEY, Napa Valley ’ 13         64

PINOT NOIR, EVASHAM WOOD  MAHONIA , Williamette V. Oregon  ’14   64

TESORO, MUSCARDINI   Sonoma’15                             64                                                (Syrah, Cab-Sauvignon, Sangiov)                                                

KARMA RESERVE, CAROL SHELTON, Sonoma ’14                68                                               ( Zinfandel,Petit Sirah,Alicante Bouschet,Cab-Sauv,Carignan & Viognier)

Over 80

CARMIGNANO RISERVA, LE FARNETE, Toscana’13                            80  

BARBARESCO, NADA FIORENZO, MANZOLA ,Piemonte ’12                85

BAROLO, CASCINA  BOSCHETTI  GAMBA, Piemonte ’14                 82                       

CINQUE EDIZIONI, FARNESE  , Abruzzo’14                                 82 (Montepulciano,Primitivo,Sangiov,Malvasia, Negroamaro)


BRUNELLO di MONTALCINO,  SASSODISOLE, Toscana ’12                   95  

NERO PER SEMPRE ,VINO D’AUTORE, PRATELLO Lombardia’12           80

ZINFANDEL, RAFANELLI  Dry Creek, Sonoma County ’12                    95

PINOT NOIR, GAREMANI, Santa Barbara  ’16                  85        

CABERNET SAUVIGNON, RAFANELLI ,Dry Creek ,Sonoma County ’08         95


MALBEC, DEVIL PROOF,FARROW RANCH,  Alexander Valley ,California ‘14    200

CABERNET SAUVIGNON,  MOUTON  ROTHSCHILD, Pauillac, France ’90           500

AMARONE, ACCORDINI    “ Il FORNETTO “,  Veneto,Italy ‘97     180          

AMARONE, DAL FORNO ROMANO, Veneto.Italy  ’98                    400

BARBARESCO, ANGELO GAJA, Piemonte ’Italy14                  250    

BLEND, PAVIE,1er Grand Cru, S.Emilion  France ’95   400                                                (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon)         

BLEND, DOMAINE PRATS, Grand Cru’CosD’estourel,  S.Estephe ,France ‘96         300  (Cab.Sauvignon,Merlot)                                   

ANGELUS, DE BOUARD  DE LA FOREST ,S.Emilion  France 95  400