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Elio De Santo

During his frequent summer travels in the 70's, De Santo got his first taste of the restaurant industry working in some of London's best restaurants. However, the breakthrough in considering the restaurant business as his future was in the early 80's in Los Angeles. 

While attending the UCLA Extension School for International Business, he was blessed to find a job at Il Rex, the restaurant patronized by Mauro Vincenti. Vincenti, both a visionary and a man of extraordinary culture, is also the person who put Italian "alta cucina" on the West Coast map.  Working for him gave De Santo a different outlook on the restaurant industry.

 Next, De Santo collaborated with chef Antonio Tommasi at Locanda Veneta. The two had worked together at Il Rex.

 While working at Locanda Veneta, De Santo cemented his friendship and business relationship with, Gaetano Foiani. De Santo subsequently opened Il Moro with Gaetano Foiani.

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Gaetano Foiani

Mr. Foiani has been involved in the hospitality business since attending the Culinary School of Bologna when he was only 13 years old. 

Since then, Foiani has mastered his profession working throughout the world, including Italy, France, Switzerland and the United States. 
Some of the restaurants in LA where Foiani has offered his passion and experience are: Il Giardino, Locanda Veneta, Madeo, Ca' Brea and Il Cielo

Foiani went back to his alma mater in Bologna as an instructor and there he mastered his gift of making people around him feel motivated to give their best and achieve higher professional goals. 

In 1993 Joined  Elio De Santo to open Il Moro in west Los Angeles